Additional guests are allowed to stay in the rooms at a separate charge of 10lv per person, per night provided the room has not exceeded the maximum number of guests per room. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your party size, the hotel may cancel your reservation or require that you book additional rooms.

The rates below exclude breakfast. Breakfast should be ordered separately the night before at the reception and it costs 6lv per person.

Laundry and ironing services (from 24lv) can also be requested at the reception desk.

**All prices listed below are from:-

Season Double Room  Twin Room  Studio  Apartment
Jan 01 – Mar 25 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv 
Mar 25 – Jun 01 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv
Jun 01 – Jul 25 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv
Jul 25 – Aug 15 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv
Aug 15 – Sep 01 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv
Sep 01 – Oct 25 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv
Oct 25 – Jan 01 30lv /40lv 30lv /40lv 50lv 80lv /120lv

* prices per night, and are subject to change

** for single/double occupancy per room and for 2/4 people per apartment

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