Additional Services

Additional Services

Hotel Hanat offers a range of services to make the most of your time in Karlovo for business or pleasure. Most of these can be arranged at short notice upon arrival, but if you would like more information, or to arrange for anything special in advance, please email us at make your reservations.

Business Meeting,Conferences and Seminars
Hotel Hanat offers a lovely secluded meeting room to accommodate 20-25 people to meet your tbusiness, conference or seminar needs. Our service is flexible and we can not only provide you with the space but assist you to create the event that you want. Tailored menu of food  and and refreshments, and whatever else you might need can be arranged, if possible. Large screen plasma TV, DVD and Wi-Fi are all included as standard. Please contact us to enquire further and discuss your options via business bookings.

Wedding Reception and Gust Rooms
Hotel Hanat and its restaurant is the perfect place in Karlovo to accommodate a small to medium wedding requirements with its hopelessly romantic and unique atmosphere. Our design is beautiful, the food is tasty, and the service warm and friendly. Absolutely ideal for small and intimate parties. And when the celebrations are over, your guests can relax in their bedrooms. And before the big day, why not arrange a nice Hen party in our gorgeous Garden during the spring/summer season? Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences at make your reservations.

Driver Services
Whether you want to get around Karlovo for business or pleasure, Karlovo is a beautiful small town.Hotel Hanat can arrange for a car and driver for periods as short as an hour to several days for out-of-city trips, should you require for an additional fee.

Tour Guides
To make the most of the historic area of Karlovo, its two old Ortodox churches, and fascinating streets we can arrange for multi-lingual tour guides to assist you for an additional fee.

Concierge Services
Need recommendations on where to shop, what to visit, etc.? We are available to assist you with any questions or problems you may have- make restaurant reservations, arrange laundry, groceries, translation,etc.

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